Sarah Nolan

Implementation Manager



“Working at NICA, I have the opportunity to see new technologies, products and ideas that will make a real difference to our lives in future.  I am constantly inspired by the creativity and ingenuity that is focussed on making the world better as we age. “


Sarah Nolan is the Implementation Manager at NICA.  She joined the Centre in 2016 to assist with its set-up and development, and now manages internal and strategic projects.  She coordinated the NICA team’s input into the design of the Catalyst building and still works closely with the National Innovation Centre for Data and the wider Catalyst community to ensure it becomes a beacon for innovation.

Sarah has worked in Project Management for 13 years, initially in regional development and, more recently, in adolescent health research.  Her background and training include assurance and risk management.

Sarah currently manages NICA’s programme of events and exhibitions at the Catalyst, showcasing innovations in product design and engaging the public in Ageing Intelligence via the arts.




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