Meera Vijayaraghavan

Senior Innovation Associate


“At NICA we bring together people from business, academia, and members of the public to create innovations that help people live better for longer. I have spent many years working at the interface between industry and academia and enjoyed seeing how each sector could work together and learn from each other. Bringing members of the public into this brings a whole other dimension which is exciting, truly improves the innovation process, and creates products and services that not only fulfils people’s needs but are desirable to use.”


Meera is a Senior Innovation Associate at NICA and works with academic researchers, businesses, and citizens to innovate products and services to help us live better for longer. Meera is particularly interested in the menopause and femtech, striving to explore how innovation can support women through various transitions across the life course.

Meera has a background in the physical sciences with a degree in chemistry and a PhD in advanced drug delivery. Prior to joining NICA, she worked as a post-doctoral researcher for the University of Liverpool on a joint project with BP to explore enhanced oil recovery. Her work at NICA encompasses a wide variety of areas from fashion, beauty, and lifestyles to housing, mobility, and transport.




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