Joanna Stewart

Business Support Assistant


“I love the fact that my job allows me to highlight the positives of ageing. Ageing is a process we are all going through, so let’s enjoy it and stop seeing it as a negative thing. My job gives me the opportunities to explore both creative and digital platforms to support the work of NICA and to get our message out to the world.”


Joanna is the Business Support Assistant and Marketing & Communication Assistant at NICA. Constantly involved in NICA’s digital transformation, Joanna is the mind behind the daily “positive ageing lightshow” broadcasted daily from the Catalyst windows.

Having headed up her own business in Norway, Joanna has experience in marketing, advertising, business networks, and website development. She has worked across a variety of sectors including banking, spirituality, conference and teaching. Her qualifications contribute to explore the holistic dimension of ageing including business and administration, counselling, Theology, English, Psychology, and graphic design.

Joanna’s personal experience of caring for a disabled relative has given her crucial insight on what it means to meet unmet needs, fuelling her interest in helping NICA find ways in which we can live longer, better lives.




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