Charlie Wilkinson

Engagement Support Coordinator


“I love working in engagement because ensuring we share research with the public is so important to making sure it is impactful. Working in engagement, I really get to explore my creative side in supporting conversations between researchers and members of the public in different ways. I have particularly appreciated the opportunities I’ve had to work with creative artists to help communicate science and the importance of research. Bringing together researchers and the public benefits all of us, and I love being able to support that.”


Charlie is the Engagement Support Coordinator for the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS) at Newcastle University. Charlie helps to strengthen public engagement and involvement with health research by working within NICA and VOICE. His role involves designing and managing an engaging programme of FMS activity, one which supports a coordinated approach to strengthen FMS engagement and patient and public involvement through a diverse programme of events, training, support, and resources.  

Charlie’s background is in research, having studied for a master’s degree by research in Neuroscience before moving into science communication and outreach. Prior to his current role, Charlie worked to provide STEM workshops from Newcastle University to young people across the UK.

Charlie is passionate about science and relishes the opportunity to demonstrate to others how important and exciting science can be. He is also interested in the arts and cultural sector and is always looking for new ways to engage through different mediums, having worked successfully with North East-based artists and venues to help share the importance of health research more broadly and creatively.




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