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We co-design with older adults & (not only) for older adults

We are one of the most experienced organisations in the world in engaging and involving citizens in innovation. We can help build solutions with, and not limited for, older consumers and future generations.


Adding a missing layer of intelligence: the one of older adults. 

We have over a decade of experience of co-designing and co- developing with older adults and their stakeholders.  This allows us to be experts in focusing on the needs, the wants, the aspirations of the individual – and always real individuals, not abstract personas.

We differ from the usual market research agencies by focusing on the older consumer.  To each project we bring our deep understanding of ageing through research, innovation and our knowledge of the personal experiences of older citizens.  We map human experience interactions across themes and industries, translating insights into practical solutions, in real contexts and real scenarios.

We have augmented our processes applying a customised version of the IBM Enterprise Design Thinking* methodology, helping to quickly drive alignment, focus on innovation, and deliver greater value to individuals, organisations and markets.

*IBM Enterprise Design Thinking is a registered trademark of IBM


Experience and Design / Offering


Join one of our workshops and you’ll feel the real meaning of the prefix “co”. We always involve real people from VOICE® (not stereotypical, fictional personas) in co-design and co-development.

Through NICA’s methodological approach we can help you to tap into real insights, experiences and ideas and apply them to your business. Our workshops are typically utilised for;
• Business model validation
• Honing innovative ideas
• Product co-development and prototyping
• Develop branding and marketing messages


Leveraging our community for rapid feedback on general or bespoke topics, trend and moods - transforming data into actionable insights. Surveys range from small polls to in-depth questionnaires at scale.
NICA can offer a quick turnaround, a unique perspective from our selected panels of older adults and their stakeholders, and high-quality data. If required, we can add our design expertise and guidance to ensure you get the most from your survey questions.
Survey responses are delivered with raw data tables, selected demographic information and executive summary reports with visualisations of key data.


Applying our methodologies to test, in real-time, products and services and provide augmented feedback. The right testers make all the difference. Our VOICE Community encompasses a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and geographies.

Controlled on-site product and brand testing supported via The Catalyst Insights Suite, a dedicated and unique facility in the north east, equipped with the latest technology to capture consumer experience.

At home and in the community testing supported through our real time insights capability. We support clients to gain invaluable insights into the practical application of innovations or to understand the experiences of new consumer groups.

VOICE® – our community of more than 8000 “innovation savvy citizens” – is an integral part of NICA. We differentiate from other organisations who seek and engage people in their design and research activities because older adults and their stakeholders are natively, and systematically embedded in all our design and innovation processes. We’ve spent over ten years co-designing together, listening to and actioning their opinions and ideas, bringing their voices and experiences to bear on every project we have led, harnessing our collective intelligence and sharing it with businesses who intend to serve people better and to impact society at scale.

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Designing solutions for older adults also involves designing for an ecosystem of stakeholders that can range from family members to friends to neighbours to formal caregivers from different generations. Engaging this broad, articulated audience – simultaneously – means leveraging both technical innovation and human empathy to enhance and personalise experiences.

We are constantly learning what older adults really want and need, what tools, products, services and software can make them feel who they really are. We learned how people want to be engaged as a diverse, intertwined, connected demographic category that not only needs health or social care, but also wants to have fun, consume, travel. In other words, to live life to the full. This knowledge has been translated in Ageing Intelligence® Experience Design.

This is a multidisciplinary approach that brings together consumers, researchers, subject matter experts and human experience designers, combining explicit and implicit data to our dynamic knowledge database of older people’s wants and needs. It is an iterative process that is constantly evolving as society and its dynamics evolve. We are permanently working at improving our knowledge through co-designing new brands, products, services and experiences with and for older people and their stakeholders.

We actively partner with the Design Age Institute aiming to demonstrate together through experience and design the extraordinary impact that we can have on society by enabling everyone, regardless of age or ability, to lead happier, fulfilling, longer, healthier lives in a more equal, more sustainable, more prosperous and inclusive world.

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Research and HorizoningTM

We help identify the foreseeable and unexpected shifts leveraged by the demographic revolution.

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Data and Insights

We merge human experience with research knowledge and existing big and small market data, turning this into people-driven insight.

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Online Learning

Leveraging everyday life experiences and life transitions to support employees and individuals.

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Work With Us

Tap into the ageing and longevity markets with us: we are working hard every day to blend our research background and experience of engaging with older adults and their stakeholders following business standards and data-driven, evidence-based approach. We have called it Ageing Intelligence, and we believe this is the most powerful and effective way to help you develop new businesses, new jobs and improve millions of lives.

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Our super-power? Connecting the invisible dots.

  • In ageing innovation, we design and develop with older adults and their stakeholders for older adults (but not just older adults).
  • We help organisations develop new business, products, and services. We translate research suggestions into actions and solutions.
  • We welcome ageing innovation ideas and techs, connect them with businesses, and help them to thrive.
  • We merge human and machines, providing powered insights. We’ve developed a novel approach combining traditional techniques of human engagement with data driven technique.
  • We partner with global organisations to change the narrative.

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With our Membership programme we offer to a selected group of innovative companies the opportunities to join us on a day-to-day journey in helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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