Our partnership with Coop Italy (Scuola Coop)

We're collaborating with Coop Italy (Scuola Coop) to build a mutually-supportive partnership that will seek to monitor and receive cues from what is happening in the world of the 'silver' economy.



In most countries the average age of the population is rising, along with the prospect of healthy living, while the birth rate is falling. This is bringing about a change in perceptions of this ever-growing market with terms emerging such as the ‘Silver Wave’ or ‘Silver Tsunami’. The protagonists of this Silver Wave, those in retirement/semi-retirement, who are financially secure with few constraints, will have more spending power than other generations and more time and possibilities to use it.

This Silver Wave will bring opportunities to think differently about the demand, supply, organization of work, supply of services, social ties, relationships, etc., and Coop Italy, with its ethical approach to doing business and its way of being, is ideally placed to become a pioneer in this developing market.

Coop Italy is the largest retail chain in Italy, with a turnover of 13.2 billion Euros, and a 18.1% market share. As a cooperative, it has 7.4 million consumer members (i.e. customers who have signed up to be part of this cooperative retail approach) and over 56,000 employees. Its multi-format structure includes 100 hypermarkets and over 1400 supermarkets, convenience and discount stores across cities, towns and rural areas. It has a thriving employee community network which is supported by its internal communication system called ‘Nimby’ which also hosts its national Training Academy ‘Scuola Coop’.

Our approach

As NICA, we pride ourselves on providing a dynamic environment in which multiple stakeholders can come together to share knowledge, ideas, experience and innovation. We are unique in being able to access expertise drawn from a wide range of disciplines, businesses and older consumers, which means that we are aware of market trends, health and social care challenges, and the latest innovations in industry. With our focus on Horizoning and Ageing Intelligence® approach, we enable organisations to generate new insights and patterns, and to learn continuously from existing and real time data.

The project

Our partnership with Coop Italy is mutually supportive, we help each other to monitor and receive cues from what is happening in the world of longevity economies.

We have been working with the communications team at Nimby to provide a regular flow of information in the form of blogs, linked articles, interviews and imagery, via the Nimby portal, to raise awareness of ageing innovations and ageing research, and the impact that this will have on the ‘silver’ economy. We meet regularly to exchange ideas, knowledge and innovations.

The long term vision

It is anticipated that as the partnership develops there will be further opportunities to collaborate and engage with the Nimby community, Scuola Coop, and Coop Italy workers and consumers. We hope to build a community of consumers/employees who can take part in surveys, product development workshops, and citizen insights activities.