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Our task is to act as a Global Observatory and the National focal point and catalyst for research and innovation by companies, universities, research and development centres. It is a tangible collective of UK and Global Intelligence around ageing and longevity, which we are committed to identifying, collating, and sharing.


Oxfordshire LEP

The region is home to a world leading university which boasts a multidisciplinary research community that actively works across many fields relating to healthy ageing. Oxford is home to NHS hospitals with over 1 million patient visits a year. These are co–located with university research units making Oxford one of the world’s leading centres for clinical research. The region supports industry and academic collaborations as demonstrated by the recently announced partnership between US-based Insilico Medicine and the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Health Data Science at the University of Oxford.

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People, Systems and Services – University of Leeds

Focus on understanding how people work in (and experience) systems and services, helps them design and evaluate ways of improving those systems and services to benefit members of the public. Projects include ‘Frail older people and informal carers in primary care based clinical encounters’ and ‘prevalence, care and management of frailty in care home residents’.

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Prevention of Diabetes and Related Metabolic Disorders

Its research aims to contribute to the prevention of the growing burden of obesity, type 2 diabetes and related metabolic disorders. Multidisciplinary team of epidemiologists, clinicians, psychologists, and data scientists. Supported by MRC programme funding and external funding (for example NIHR and Wellcome Trust).

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Is developing mobile technology that enables early identification of risk factors for functional decline in younger older adults, and empowers them to self-manage their own health and function by adopting a healthy, active lifestyle. The consortium consists of five renowned universities, two university hospitals and two companies with combined skills in technology development, medical science, behavioural science, communication solutions, healthcare innovation, and product development. Partners include University of Manchester, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus and Doxee.

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A collaborative project between the University of Exeter and King’s College London that aims to understand how the brain ages and how we might reduce the risk of dementia and mental health issues in later life. Harnessing the power of online technology and a dedicated website, PROTECT is collecting data on cognitive ability on a yearly basis from thousands of people over 50 to enable a time course of brain function as they age. DNA samples are also provided by participants via a simple at-home kit to allow the role of genes in this process to be assessed.

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QUEX Institute

The University of Exeter and The University of Queensland have partnered to establish the QUEX Institute, a new multi-million pound partnership designed to bolster their joint global research impact. The partnership co-produces research of the highest quality, boosts industry and business collaboration, and publishes high-level policy reports designed to inform and shape key government initiatives across the globe. The QUEX Institute focuses on the crucial interdisciplinary themes of:

  • environmental sustainability
  • healthy ageing
  • physical activity and nutrition
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red ninja

Red Ninja

A design-led technology company. They develop apps, sensor technology as well as delivering leading-edge research and development. ‘Safe Steps’ is a digital falls risk assessment tool created for the ageing population which creates standardized assessments and responses connected to fall-related injuries. ‘Helping Hand’ is an age-friendly app and easy-to-use, customised tablet interface which helps older people to feel better connected.

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Red Star

Red Star Consulting Ltd

Red Star Consulting are leading a Glasgow-based project applying machine learning to analyse clinical notes recorded in the electronic health record of diabetes patients. The machine learning models predict, based on patient’s clinical notes, the risk of different clinical endpoints such as heart attack or death and present this information to the clinician as a score or alert. Clinicians can use this to tailor consultations, identify high-risk patients, and target specific clinical outcomes.

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Health Innovation Manchester

Reduction of frailty-related falls and fractures programme (Health Innovation Manchester)

Project aims to reduce falls and fractures related to frailty across Greater Manchester through early intervention, treatment and management of at-risk patients. The project will support primary care by finding at-risk patients so that they can be treated with appropriate therapies, including medication to strengthen bones, and supported with services in the community to help manage their condition.

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