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Our task is to act as a Global Observatory and the National focal point and catalyst for research and innovation by companies, universities, research and development centres. It is a tangible collective of UK and Global Intelligence around ageing and longevity, which we are committed to identifying, collating, and sharing.

ne lep

Newcastle – North East LEP

The region is home to two universities which have strengths in Healthy Ageing Research: Newcastle University and Northumbria University at Newcastle. As one of the largest trusts in the UK, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust offer a wider range of specialist services than any other. Research topics include ageing, as well as related areas of genetics, cancer, diabetes and neurosciences. The Trust also houses the Newcastle Brain Tissue Resource, one of just six UK city locations used for the Brains for Dementia Research project.

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Newcastle University, Mayo Clinic (US) and Inserm (France)

Researchers have collaborated to reverse age-related damage in the heart. The research explores how senescent cells (zombie cells) form in the heart during ageing and lead to heart failure. The collaborative effort means researchers have not only discovered how this process takes place in the heart but also how it can be reversed or treated.

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Northern Future Forum

Initiated by the UK in 2011, the Forum’s objective is to provide the leaders of the Nordic countries, the Baltic states and the UK a chance to discuss their future visions in a less official manner and include specialists of respective fields. The 2018 Forum focused on the challenge of an ageing population and the technologies required to meet every patient’s needs.v

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Ireland LEP

Northern Ireland LEP

Northern Ireland’s life and health sciences sector is comprised of approximately 130 companies employing around 7,500 people and generating sales of approximately £800 million per annum. A significant proportion of the companies in the sector deal in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and solutions (screening, imaging etc.) but diagnostics, clinical trials and agri-health are also well represented. The sector is estimated to account for 12.5% of total Northern Ireland R&D.


Northstar Ventures – Ageing Innovation Accelerator Programme

The programme involves idea generation workshops, in-depth support with selected ideas and funding for commercialisation. Ventures can secure up to £12,500 investment from Northstar Ventures for each business involved with the potential for further follow on funding for the best performing companies. Run by the UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing, in collaboration with the Innovation SuperNetwork, Northstar Ventures and Newcastle City Council (working with Aging2.0)

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NYE Health

NYE is a health tech company with the aim of facilitating accessible health services for all. Its app enables you to book and consult with your GP and clinician from your own home.

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The UK’s leading wellbeing business for older adults who aim to enhance mental, physical and emotional wellbeing in two key sectors: care home wellbeing and community wellbeing. They offer three key services: exercise classes, creative activities and days out.

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Opus VL

Opus VL has developed eObs, which allows clinicians to observe patients digitally through hand-held devices which can send an automatic alert to specialists or consultants if patients are identified as ‘at risk’. This can shorten length of stay, reduce transfers within hospitals, and reduce ICU referrals. The system also gives ward managers and bed managers a view of the workload across their area of responsibility, so that they can deploy the right people on the right ward, at the right time.

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Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI)

Works with industry partners and academia to produce high quality research and educational outputs to advance the fields of orthopaedic surgery, related diseases, treatments and devices. A particular area of expertise is osteoarthritis.

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