Adding intelligenceto ageing and longevity

We harness the business opportunities related to longevity economies through human experience, ethics, data, collaboration, emerging technologies & innovative business models.


We design and develop with older adults & (not only) for older adults

10 years’ experience in engaging and co-designing with customers and prospects has allowed us to design & develop opportunity with, but not limited for, an older generation.

We help organisations develop new business, products and services

We map how humans interact using data, allowing organisations to better target their customers. Harnessing powerful relationships, we work to aid organisations developing new business opportunities. We transform research into actions and solutions

We welcome Innovative ideas and techs, connect them with business and help them to thrive

We encourage innovation and emphasise the importance of new, free-flowing ideas. By headhunting the most creative individuals and connecting them to appropriate businesses, we capitalise on opportunity.

We merge human + machines providing powered insights

Combining human ability and machine powered insights, we believe we will be able to revolutionise how businesses approach their market. This entirely new type of insight will offer a unique fusion of experiences crucial for business understanding.

We partner with global organisations to change the narrative

Bringing the best together is something we hold in particularly high regard. Sharing knowledge, research, and experiences throughout our network allows our clients and partners to indulge in a relationship based on collaboration, opportunities, and innovation.

Data platform & value-added services
Customised methodology & proprietary assets
Ageing Intelligence®
Business oriented focus & consultancy approach

Ageing Intelligence® Insight Data platform: Harnessing, integrating and analysing research, data, knowledge and best-practices world-wide.

Ageing in Translation: Collecting and synthesising behavioural & market data, analysing trends and generating and amplifying insights from NICA-led projects involving citizens, research, & business.

Ageing Intelligence® Experience Design: Human-centric principles & processes that drive alignment, focus on innovation, and quickly deliver value to individuals, organisations and markets.

Introducing Ageing Intelligence®

Our Ageing Intelligence® is a comprehensive data-driven approach - leveraging a combination of human knowledge and experience, data analysis, and real-world applied testing and research.

We help organisations to tackle the longevity economy opportunities though evidence synthesis, deep market and trend analysis, horizon scanning and consumer insights gathered by our proprietary methodological approach.

Our Ambassadors

To introduce you to Ageing Intelligence® we asked 10 people around the world to share their life experience with us. They and their stories don't want to teach anything or represent any role model. They simply chose to tell who they are to help us show how much richness there is in each of us regardless of the stage of life we are in, our background, our trajectory of life. Enjoy.

VOICE: meet our team of 8000+ co-designers

VOICE is a diverse, thriving international network of thousands of citizens of all ages, embedded in NICA. Through VOICE, we harnesses the intelligence - insights, wisdom, vision and experience - of the public, sustaining ongoing conversations between generations and co-designing, co-developing and testing in real-world, real-time settings what is needed and wanted for happier, healthier lives.

Add your Intelligence, Explore the Opportunities
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